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Double-flight, deep-rooted in China's automotive air-conditioning fan industry for more than 20 years. "Tian Xingjian, gentleman to self-improvement", the two-airline company to go forward with the courage to practice this unstoppable ancient training, in the economic development to win a place, squatting forward.
Here, we would like to thank all our customers, partners and more than 200 Shuanghang employees. Together, we encourage each other, trust each other, and calmly face the opportunities and challenges brought by the automotive industry.
Global integration accelerates social change and requires us to constantly review our current situation and understand the future development of the industry. Shuanghang is taking a big step and embarking on a road of product development and development. We know that if we go against the current, we will retreat. The future competition is the competition of technological innovation, the deep competition of brands, and the competition of both internal and external capabilities for continuous and sustainable development. Shuanghang, if you want to become a leader in the wind turbine industry, it is bound to constantly surpass yourself and bring the potential of enterprises and employees to the extreme.
We are not afraid of difficulties, because our dreams are firm and powerful, standing on the wave of the times, we must come up with the courage to turbulent waves. We are convinced that every pair of people will become the driving force for the transformation of the company. With full passion, we will devote ourselves to the stage of creating a great era and write the most magnificent poems for the future of Shuanghang.